Leadership and Committees

2016 Leadership Team

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Cindy Miller, Burlington


Mark Kamps, Iowa City

Vice President

John Goede, Spencer


Scott Wendl, Johnston


Ken Clark, West Des Moines

Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs)

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 RVP Regions

Region 1: 

Katie Slater, Spirit Lake

Region 1

Region 2: South Central Iowa

Michael Allmon, Council Bluffs

Region 2

Region 3: 

Zelda Elwood, Mason City

Region 3

Region 4: 

Krista Clark, Prairie City

Region 4  

Region 5: 

Gary Doerrfeld, Cedar Rapids

Region 5 

Region 6:

Mindy Huls, Grinnell

Region 6 

Region 7: 

Dawnita Neff, Quad Cities

Region 7 

Region 8: 

Deb Fowler, Burlington

Region 8 

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The Iowa Association of REALTORS® could not operate without the many members serving in leadership roles. If you're interested in getting involved, please fill out and return our leadership application.


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Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, and between meetings of the Board of Directors exercises the functions of the Board of Directors, except in matters related to policies of the Association. The Executive Committee establishes an operating budget that maintains adequate reserves, and recommends an investment program for all funds not needed for current operating accounts. The committee manages revenue, non-dues revenue, and expenses to achieve a balanced budget and evaluates reserve policies. The committee is composed of the leadership team, plus 12 at-large members, with each President appointing 4 members. Please click the links to view this committee's minutes. Executive Meeting Minutes #1 and Executive Meeting Minutes #2

Board Executive Officers Committee

This committee is charged with developing communications with local Boards and Associations, providing membership with information on Association issues, and attracting new members and affiliates. The committee is composed of the Executive Officers of the Member Boards. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is charged with reviewing the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Association to determine if the documents are up to date and in full compliance with National Association of REALTORS® policies. Any changes recommended by the Bylaws Committee are submitted to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for review. The committee is made up of the President-Elect and the 9 Regional Vice Presidents. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

Housing Opportunity Committee

REALTORS® are ideally situated to improve housing opportunities where they live. This committee will explore various ways Iowa REALTORS® can reach out to those who need greater access to quality, affordable home ownership and rental opportunities. This will include investigating the various opportunities for national and state programs, grants, training and resources to expand housing availability. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

Membership Development Forum

The Membership Development Forum explores ways to recognize member and board accomplishments, encourages REALTOR® Safety, education of the public (IPOA) and continued promotion of REALTOR® education to enhance professional skills to promote excellent business practices.

Legal Reference Committee

The Legal Reference Committee has the responsibility with keeping the Association and its members aware of the areas of Risk and to develop and coordinate plans of action to aid the membership in Risk Management. From this Committee, a legal action sub-committee may be chosen to determine what, if any, financial help from the IAR Legal Action Fund may be allocated to Member Board or to individual members through Member Boards to assist them in litigation or in precedent setting legal problems which affect all members or Boards. All actions by the committee are presented to the Executive Committee for recommendation to the Board of Directors. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee oversees the enforcement of the Code of Ethics and procedural training on local and/or regional level, enforces the Code of Ethics upon request when appropriate, implements, maintains, and promotes the use of Regional Professional Standards Committees, and provides Professional Standards service in the areas of Code enforcement and arbitration to membership as needed. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

Public Policy Coordinating Committee

The Public Policy Coordinating Committee has responsibility for areas of the Association relating to governmental activity, including, but not limited to, REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC), Iowa Legislative activity, local issues, all political affairs activity including lobbying, State and Federal contact systems and Issues Mobilization. The Public Policy Coordinating Committee is charged with setting policy for these activities within the framework of the Iowa Association of REALTORS® Statement of Policy. This is a closed meeting, with visitors by invitation only. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is charged with the responsibility of the overall legislative activities of the Association. The Committee provides information and classes regarding laws, rules, and regulations affecting the real estate industry including changes in the Articles and Standards of Practices of the NAR Code of Ethics. The Committee also monitors statewide legislation and establishes a proactive agenda based on the Association Statement of Policy. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

RPAC Trustees

The RPAC Trustees are charged with the duty of deciding which political candidates the Iowa Association of REALTORS® should support. RPAC is permitted to make direct contributions to state candidates, but is limited to recommending candidate selection to the National RPAC Trustees with regard to national races. There are 9 RPAC Trustees: A REALTOR® member from each of Iowa’s five Congressional Districts; REALTOR® member from each of Iowa’s two U.S. Senate Districts; one at-large REALTOR®; and President-Elect of the IAR. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee names one candidate for each office to be filled. Members may also be nominated by collecting 25 signatures from active members of the Association. The slate of officers is voted on by the Board of Directors. 

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee of the Iowa Association of REALTORS® is responsible for reviewing the status of employed staff and hearing special concerns that may be brought by the Chief Executive Officer. The Committee shall review staff salaries and benefits as recommended by the Chief Executive Officer and shall conduct regular performance appraisals of the Chief Executive Officer. This is a closed committee.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee of the Iowa Association of REALTORS® is responsible for the overall public relations of the Association and for maintaining a high level of communication between the State Association, the Local Boards, and the individual member. The Communications Committee has helped to coordinate the statewide advertising campaign, Benchmark Magazine, and other communications initiatives. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

REALTOR® Foundation of Iowa

The REALTORS® Foundation of Iowa was established to promote REALTOR® contributions to Iowa communities, including charitable and educational giving. Previous disbursements have included scholarships, support of non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Children and Families of Iowa, and helping flood and disaster victims in Iowa and several other states. Please click here to view this committee's minutes.

O.G. "Bill" Powell/Joan Ballantyne Award Committee

This award is meant to honor someone who has given long term and meritorious service to the real estate industry. The recipient of the award need not be a REALTOR® or active in the real estate business. A person eligible for the award should be one who has been a long time supporter of our beliefs or some leader in another industry or in government that has helped us over the years.

REALTOR® of the Year Committee

The REALTOR® of the Year Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing nominations and making a selection for the State REALTOR® of the Year. The nominee is a member who has contributed most to the advancement of the profession and the community-at-large during the current year.

L. Martin Lee Political Involvement Award

The L. Martin Lee Political Involvement Award recognizes an individual who has significantly advanced the legislative agenda of the Iowa Association of REALTORS® through political involvement. All REALTOR®, REALTOR®-ASSOCIATE members, Association Executives or anyone else that provides exceptional service to the REALTOR® political agenda are eligible for nomination.

Committee Rosters

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