Designation Fast Track


GRI LogoIn less than one year, you can earn your GRI, complete your license renewal requirements, receive a 10% discount and begin or complete additional designations!


Why work toward designations?  Every year when the National Association of REALTORS® administers the Survey and creates the Member Profile, members with designations consistently earn more than their counterparts without designations.

 2012 Survey/
2011 Gross Income
 No Designations
 ABR® $48,826
 CRB $63,821
 CRS $70,441
 GREEN $70,441
 GRI $50,753
 SRES  $46,887
 No Certifications
 At Home with Diversity
 e-PRO® $53,571
 RSPS $62,500
 SFR $43,705

With the Fast Track, you have the IAR Education Department guiding you through your classes and working with you to make sure you are getting the designations you need.

Many agents have not previously taken classes GRI or CRS designation classes. However, if you have been taking classes that count toward designations within the last 5 years, check with the IAR Education department to determine your specific curriculum requirements. We can develop a custom program just for you! 


Fast Track Program (with current IAR class schedule)

Professional Standards Administrator Training
GRI 104 - Money, Taxes, and Real Estate
GRI 105 - Federal and Iowa Laws
GRI 106: Plan for Your Success
GRI 107: Financing for Today's Buyer
Seller Representative OR CRS 201: Listing Strategies
 Accredited Buyer Representative
 e-Pro (online-complete independently within 6 months of registration)
 Certified Negotiation Expert OR SRS OR CRS 201
Total Cost
Billed in 8 monthly installments of $180.63 (on the 15th of the month). This total may be modified with the various choices of classes.
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Important Designation Information


The IAR Designation Fast Track Program gives you the opportunity to earn additional designations and certifications while working on your GRI.  The regular program chooses the next class that we have scheduled to help you earn your designations as soon as possible.  However, we can tailor your program to fit your needs, working with your preferred choice of classes and the IAR schedule.

The GRI designation counts as 16 credits of elective credit toward your CRS designation.

Your GRI also counts as an elective toward the ABR designation.

Designation requirements and application procedures for additional designations can be found below.


Fast Track Terms

  • Your payment plan cannot be changed once you have started your first Fast Track class.
  • You can transfer from one time/location to another, but you cannot cancel out of a class completely.
  • If your credit card is declined for a payment, you will receive an email and you will need to remit payment by a money order, certified check, or another card within one business week. If you do not contact us regarding this payment, we will attempt to run your card again. If we do not receive payment by the last day of that month, you will be dropped from the Fast Track program.
  • If you drop out of the Fast Track program, you will be charged the full amount for all classes already attended (as well as any that you did not show up for without giving written notice prior to the start of the class) and your card will be charged or credited the difference.
  • Any class that you are currently taking through your broker or any distance learning classes can be submitted for your designation applications. However, we are unable to include them within the Fast Track program.
  • You will not automatically earn the additional designations just by attending class.  Additional procedures and application directions need to be followed as they are noted in class.
  • Classes taken outside of the Iowa Association of REALTORS® and their educational partners can be submitted for review, but are not guaranteed approval for the GRI Designation. Course approval is at the discretion of the Iowa Association of REALTORS®.
  • If you have taken any classes through your broker or a different school of real estate that are needed to complete your GRI application, you must show proof of attendance with a copy of your certificate of completion. Your GRI application cannot be processed without them.
  • You must fill out an application for the GRI when you have completed all of your Fast Track courses. However, your application fee is waived. If we do not have all of the required education on record, you will receive an email listing which classes are still needed. Click here for the GRI application.

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More Information

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