The Iowa Association of REALTORS® has compiled these resources regarding the National Do Not Call Registry.

Directions for Using the National Do Not Call Registry

  1. Go to
  2. Once at the site, each REALTOR® office should create a profile. Only one profile is necessary per office.
  3. While creating a profile you will be asked for the area codes you would like to download. Up to five area codes are provided for free. Iowa has five area codes (319, 515, 563, 641, 712), so there is no charge to download all Iowa numbers.
  4. Upon completing your profile you will be presented with an organization ID, representative password, and downloader password. Write these down as they are very important.
  5. Click the "Download Phone Numbers" link to the left
  6. Enter your organization ID and downloader password.
  7. We recommend that you click the "Interactive Phone Number Search" link. This will allow you to search for specific phone numbers 10 at a time. Skip step 8 if you choose this step.
  8. You may also click "Download Full List", however, please be aware that there are hundreds of thousands of telephone numbers in the five Iowa area codes - far too many to print out or keep in an Excel spreadsheet.

Sample Do Not Call Policy for Office Policy Manual

NOTE: This is a suggested policy only. Have your private attorney review this policy to ensure compliance.

October 1, 2003

The XYZ Co.
123 Main Street Street
Any City, Iowa 11111


Policy and Procedure for Do Not Call Registry


Important Information:

Organizational ID 11111111
Representative Password MNOP*90
Download Password ABCuR#5
NAD#11111-111111, expires 11-1-04
Area Codes Requested 111, 222, 333, 444, 555

The XYZ Co. is registered to receive the numbers from the Do Not Call Registry. Please refer to the first paragraph for the company’s registered representative.

It is the policy of the XYZ Co. not to initiate calls to any of the phone numbers listed on the Do Not Call Registry. Should a XYZ agent initiate a telephone call to a person who is not a current customer or client, said agent must first check the Do Not Call Registry List. Under no circumstances are initial calls to be made to the persons on said list, unless they fall within one of the following two exemptions:

1. You may call a person who is not a current client or customer after that person calls with an “inquiry or customer application.” Make a note of the date of that person’s call or application because you may want contact that person within a three month time period from the date of the call or application. You may not call three (3) months after their last inquiry or application.

2. You may call a client or customer after an contractual agreement has been reached with the brokerage being involved in the contract (i.e. listing agreement, purchase agreement, agency agreements). You may call up to eighteen (18) months after the contractual agreement has been entered.

The XYZ Co. will keep a current FTC Do Not Call Registry List on file. This list will be updated at least every three months. Make certain you check the date when consulting said list.

Company shall also keep an independent list of Consumers who specifically ask to be removed from the call list. (Company Specific List). Agents must also check this list prior to calling any person and if their name is on the Company Specific List, you shall not call this person.

XYZ company will periodically train any Agent on the procedures and how to utilize the Do Not Call registry and shall monitor and enforce compliance with these procedures.

Agents who fail to follow the following policy may be subject to disciplinary action, and may be held responsible for any fines XYZ company may receive.

Additional Resources

The IAR has developed a Do Not Call Training Packet for Brokers to use in sales meetings.

Additional legal information regarding the National Do Not Call Registry is available by contacting:

Paul McLaughlin
IAR Legal Counsel