Communication Survey 2016

posted by Heather Fegan | Dec 08, 2016

640 Iowa Association of REALTORS® Members responded to the 21-question survey over a 3-week period of time. The survey was made into a blog post, emailed to the membership, and shared on our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Five prizes with a value of about $150 each were given to 5 different survey respondents drawn randomly from those who provided a name and email address in the survey. Each board had multiple respondents.

  • 67% of Respondents visit the website at least monthly.

  • 79% of respondents visit the website for Education (multiple answers allowed)
  • 43% of respondents visit the website for Member Information (multiple answers allowed)
  • 40% of respondents visit the website for Event News (multiple answers allowed)

Open Answer, what would make the Blog/News Section better (in no particular order):

  • Consumer Information
    • 79% of respondents want consumer information to share with clients
    • Real Life stories to learn from
    • Local Stats

Ideas for new content:

  • How to get involved for new people
  • Content for commercial people as well as rural communities

Benchmark Magazine

  • 69% of respondents read the Quarterly Benchmark Magazine
    • 38% of respondents would NOT read the Benchmark if offered online only

Social Media and Communication Vehicles

On which platform do you see the most information from IAR (only one selection allowed)

  • 43% Email
  • 27% Website
  • 18% Benchmark
  • 8% Facebook

Which platforms do respondents use (multiple answers allowed).

  • 91% Facebook
  • 55% LinkedIn
  • 35% Pinterest
  • 33% Instagram

Which platforms do respondents use most often (only one selection allowed)

  • 82% Facebook
  • 5.6% LinkedIn
  • 5.6% Other – many sited email

What platforms would respondents like to see more from IAR (multiple selections allowed)

  • 69% Facebook
  • 24% Facebook Live
  • 23% YouTube

Platforms respondents wanted to receive information on:

  • 92% Email
  • 31% Social Media
  • 21% Text Message

Association and Involvement

  • 55% of respondents are not involved in the Association
  • 31% of respondents are somewhat involved (attend an event or two)

Number of years as a REALTOR®

  • 39% of respondents have been a REALTOR® less than 5 years
  • 20% of respondents have been a REALTOR® more than 21 years


We had almost 10% of the membership respond with 40% of respondents in the business less than 5 years and not involved with the association. We feel confident in the findings of this survey as each board was represented, all age groups were represented, and members at each “level” of involvement were represented.

Based on responses, we will be making adjustments to our communications plan for 2017. Some of the changes include: putting more focus on Pinterest and LinkedIn platforms, bringing back the new member email series, re-evaluating our email provider to allow for more member customization, and Creating a Youtube Channel and uploading videos. We will also be redesigning the Benchmark as it is still a viable platform for reaching members. We are also currently working on redesigning our marketing pieces and website.