IAR Legislative Committee Update

posted by Mark Gavin | Dec 08, 2016
Legislative Committee Dec 16


The Legislative Committee met during the Iowa Association of Realtors Winter meetings in Clive. As one of the largest committees at IAR, it was great to see the meeting room filled to capacity. This tells me that Realtors are very concerned and engaged in local, state and national political matters. I'm thankful and appreciative for the input and feedback from members of this committee.

After the recent election cycle, Iowa Republicans have taken control of the House and Senate. The passage of a First Time Homebuyer Savings Account legislation bill has been on the forefront of IAR legislation the last 2-3 years. We also have backing from NAR including an awareness campaign aimed at legislative leadership and the general public as well as model legislation which should help us succeed in passing this landmark legislation this session.
​IAR Attorney Paul McLaughlin along with John Goede from Spencer spent many hours this past year working on updating the Iowa Code 543B and Chapter 558A dealing with Seller Property Disclosures.​ After a lot of great input from Legislative committee members, IAR leadership and the real estate commission, we presented our recommendations at this meeting and upon a positive vote, have given our recommendations to Jennifer Kingland. She has initiated the process of having the proposed legislative changes submitted for drafting at the capital.
At the national level, the Iowa Assn of Realtors have members that act as Federal Political Coordinators (FPC's). These FPC's are a direct liaison between our national elected officials and our state organization. There was a suggestion that we create the same relationship with IAR and our local Representatives at the Iowa House & Senate. There was a lot of interest from members in attendance to create State Political Coordinators (SPC's) and sheets were passed around the room for members to sign up and indicate their preference of which legislator they would like to represent. This is all in the very early stages and some of the hurdles that will need to be overcome include how to manage this, either from within IAR or by the local EO's. Stay tuned as this idea progresses.
Lastly, Home Inspector Licensing and a Scrap Metal Bill were determined to be retired from our current list of agenda items. We will continue to monitor these two areas in question and would most likely support any legislation affecting these two issues, but it would not be IAR's position at this time to initiate any legislation.
For those on the IAR Legislative committee, watch your email right after the first of the year for notice of our weekly video conference calls and of course for everyone, be sure and mark your calendar for our Annual Legislative Bus-In Day on February 1st in Des Moines. More details coming soon!
Les Sulgrove
Legislative Chair

Iowa Association of REALTORS®