Health and Community

posted by Heather Fegan | Feb 09, 2017

The Iowa Association of REALTORS® is working with the Healthiest State Initiative to achieve a healthier Iowa. Remember last year when we all went for a little walk over lunch? That was the Healthiest State Initiative at work. They are asking for help in spreading the word:

New tools available for Iowa communities to improve overall well-being
Complete a Statement of Interest today

Did you know your zip code could impact your health more than your genetic code? When it comes to overall health — zip code may be more important than genetic code.

Just think about your normal day. Do you drive to the store rather than walk? Is processed food easier to fit into your hectic schedule than a healthy meal? How often are you on your phone or tablet? Our day-to-day activities and where we live impact our health.

That’s why becoming the healthiest state in the nation requires all Iowans to work together. Through public and private partnerships, the Healthiest State Initiative has engaged Iowans to work toward achieving this goal.

A new program aims to engage communities of all sizes to improve their overall well-being. Healthy HometownSM Powered By Wellmark offers new tools communities can use to make sustainable changes at the local level. Communities can transform the places where citizens live, work and play by making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Communities can receive help from experts in identifying and implementing a single community priority or determining to undergo a complete community transformation to make healthy choices available and easy for residents to adopt.

Interested communities can submit a Healthy Hometown Statement of Interest available at the Healthiest State Initiative website. A Healthy Hometown representative will contact you after reviewing your SOI to discuss your SOI and ask additional questions to gauge your community readiness.

In addition, any Iowa community, worksite or school can also complete a self-assessment and receive insight, guidance and tools to make positive changes to their built environment, available at the Healthiest State Initiative website


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