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Bus-In Day 2016 Recap

posted by Heather Fegan | Mar 04, 2016

Another Bus-In Day to the capitol has rolled on. More than 300 REALTORS® from across the state made their voices heard yesterday on the hill. Talking with legislators and affecting decisions on the rights of property owners is part of the job and Realtors® take it seriously at the local, state, and national levels.

Buses traveled to Des Moines for an all-day event starting at the Embassy Suites in Downtown less than a mile from the capitol. After lunch, we heard from the IAR President, Ken Clark about 20 by 2025 – an initiative to get Realtors® involved in all levels of politics – Dave Roederer, Director, Iowa Department of Management about the budget, and Jen Kingland, the IAR’s Lobbyist about current issues. There might not have been many major issues, but Theresa Ruby of the Southwest Iowa Board said, “It’s important to keep these issues in the forefront to make sure we can maintain our status as homeowners and all the rights that come with that.” Armed with talking points and walking shoes, we headed to meet our legislators.

Realtors® are the voice of real estate and attending Bus-In Day, being active within our communities, and investing in RPAC are all ways we continue to be the Voice for home ownership. Emilie Blindt of Iowa City said “we are defenders of home ownership and it’s important to connect with our legislators on a regular basis.” Legislators can’t know everything about every issue, so they look to experts on the topic to make informed decisions – Realtors® are the experts. “This profession is about service – behind the scenes by contributing to RPAC. The fact that we are here, the fact that we care is something that helps them [the legislators] do their jobs,” said Gerhild Krapf of Iowa City.

Thank you for attending Bus-In 2016! Even with few issues, it is still important to build and maintain relationships with our Realtor® friendly legislators. 

To see more pictures from the our trips to the hill, click here to go to flickr.