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Immersive Spaces in Real Estate

posted by Mark Gavin | Jul 08, 2016
by Kirk McVey, Vizzi Heartland

What’s the single best way to sell a property? Getting people in the house! Vizzi Heartland is thrilled to now offer Matterport 3D Showcase on your listings. With Matterport you can give homebuyers fully immersive 3D open houses, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. You’ll create buzz with this new technology and attract people in droves. To the left is the dollhouse view.

Home buyers will create an immediate, lasting emotional connection to properties because they can experience it as if they were really there. Matterport 3D is like having Google Street View inside your listings. 3D Showcases have three main views. The first is Dollhouse view. This view allows the viewer to spin the entire house around in a virtual space. They can see all floors at once. Clicking on any part of the model takes them to Inside view. From here, they can walk through the house by either clicking their way through or using the arrow keys. This also allows them to look around and zoom in on details that interest them. The last view is floorplan view, a more traditional way of looking at the house but with the added benefit of real 3D spaces.

Traditional video walk-throughs on average only hold viewer’s attention for about 90 seconds. With Matterport, the average view time on a model is nearly 4 minutes. Viewers can navigate the home at their own pace and the way they like.  All models are stored in the cloud so in addition to having them displayed on your virtual tour, you can embed them on your own personal website or share on social media. They’re also viewable from any device from computer to mobile. With the right technology and marketing tools, you will be able to grow your business like never before. To the right is the capture app floor plan view.

This is an exciting time for real-estate technology and Matterport 3D is another exciting tool for helping buyers to visualize being in their new home.