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Major RPAC Success

posted by Mark Gavin | Aug 26, 2016

Written by Jamie Rix, IAR Staff.

Last week justified just how special and passionate Iowa REALTORS are about protecting their industry by not just breaking fundraising records, but setting the bar high for years to come.

In just three days and six cities, top producers and major investors invested in the future of their industry, raising over $126,000 for RPAC. Realtors in our state continue to make Iowa’s voice loud and clear; we are Realtors and we are here to stay on our terms.

Here’s the breakdown.
Iowa City: $35,750
Des Moines: $33,250
Southwest Iowa: $19,600
Northwest Iowa: $19,050
Central Iowa: $9,700
Cedar Rapids: $9,250
17 new President’s Circle members, 5 new Golden and Crystal R members. 27 new Sterling R members. 4 letters…IOWA!

We’ll be back early next year, and will expand our presence to other areas of the state.