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Get READY to fly your Drone

posted by Mark Gavin | Aug 29, 2016

Article written by Paul McLaughlin, IAR Legal Counsel, from IAR Benchmark Magazine August 2016.

Get lined up to obtain your “Remote Pilot Certificate” Legal Notes from IAR

Proposed federal regulations are expected to take effect in late August which will
finally allow people to be able to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) without requiring an exemption to the FAA prohibition on flying for commercial purposes. The key “breather” for REALTORS® who want to fly their drone for business (aka “commercial”) purposes is that a pilot’s license will no longer be required, but only an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) aeronautical knowledge test. This is a 60 multiple choice question test required to be taken in person, with drone specific questions, as well as for general aeronautical knowledge. Once passed, a Remote Pilot Certificate will be issued, and your drone use will be legal for commercial purposes.

Other requirements are about the same as the current exemption requirements require such as flying below 400 feet, using a drone weighing 55 pounds or less, flying only during daytime, flying less than 100 miles per hour and outside of a 5 mile zone of an airport. An observer will no longer be required. There is also an exemption drone operators can apply for, and required equipment needed, to be able to fly at

There will be 9 locations in Iowa where you can take the test. Generally those locations or “flight schools” are where you can already train to become a pilot, 3 are community colleges and the University of Dubuque. The test is expected to cost around $150. There are books available for topics covered on the test. Make sure you study up!

Review this YouTube Video from NAR's Legal Counsel. Enjoy your flight!