Safety Overview

Make a commitment to educate yourself on safety practices, be aware of your surroundings, and empower yourself with precautions that can keep you safe and out of risky situations.

Safety Video

Realtor Safety from Iowa Association of REALTORS on Vimeo.


Safety Materials and Training

Safety Forms

The following forms were developed by the Washington Association of REALTORS®. The forms were developed by agents with the assistance of law enforcement officials, with the goal of deterring assaults by identifying people agents are working with, and to have complete information available in case of an emergency.

Customer Information Form

Use this form to help qualify your customers, and to provide information to police in case of an emergency.

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Agent Identification Form

Place this form in an agent's information file located in your office and update this form for every agent in your office at least once per year.

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Agent Itinerary Form

This simple form help you find an agent when there is a problem at home and gives you a place to look when an agent is missing.

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Smartphone App

Please check out the Guardly Safety App. With this smartphone safety app you can set up alerts to police or local public safety officers, and also notify your key contacts in case of a safety emergency.

More Safety Resources