Membership Information

Why Join?

See the benefits of membership and check out the Iowa's Value Proposition to see what your dues dollars get you.

Membership Programs

We offer several different membership programs:

  • REALTOR® Membership (Iowa brokers and licensed agents)
  • Affiliate Membership (real-estate related companies like banks, inspection companies, etc.)
  • Secondary or Other Membership (for out-of-state agents, MLS-only members; please call our membership department for details)

Membership Dues and Fees

 REALTOR® Member

Affiliate Member

Benchmark Magazine Yes Yes
Discounts Yes Yes
Stats Access Yes Yes
Online Forms Yes  
Legal Hotline Yes  
REALTOR Directory Yes  
Discounted Event Registration Yes  
Membership Price Please contact local
for prices
prorated quarterly


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How to Join

REALTOR® Membership Steps

  1. Obtain a real estate license (see Iowa license requirements)
  2. Find a sponsoring Iowa REALTOR® broker
  3. Apply for membership through a local Iowa REALTOR® board
  4. Submit the required membership fees

Affiliate Membership Steps

  1. Complete and return the Affiliate Membership Application
  2. Submit the required membership fees

Secondary REALTOR® Membership

For other membership programs (out of state membership, MLS-only, etc.) please contact Terry Ottum in our membership department.